Thursday, August 20, 2009


Follow the seagull to the beach!

Playing a the Lake

We were able to visit a nearby lake and enjoy kayaking, swimming and luck with the fish :(


Murphy enjoyed working outside and digging in the dirt.
There was even a Murphy footprint on my pants!


Should have seen the fish that got away.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Party Animals

This is what happens to a pinata after the candy has been swiped!

Birthday Morning



Objects in picture are smaller than they appear.

Bed Making

This needed to have a picture..since it is the best
job of bed-making EVER!

Car Ride

We have been dog-sitting this week...little Murphy.
(She is a girl, just with a boy name)
We discovered that it is always a surprise when
she rides in the car!
Sometimes she made it the whole ride...sometimes,
her stomach just couldn't handle the twists and turns
any longer. Hence the water proof pad we placed underneath
her. Just for the record..she lost her breakfast not on the pad, but
on the seat!!