Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where is the Snow??

The snow did come...but only for a little while.
Than came ice and more ice and more ice!!

Waiting For Snow

How to control the weather????
Wear your pajamas backwards...and
it will snow!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Before and After

It's Braces Time!! We are not allowed to say things like: Brace Face or Railroad Tracks or Metal Mouth! Thank goodness she looks beautiful no matter what she wears on her teeth!!

Daddy Time

Our little Blue...the puppies gets to have premier time inside now that the puppies are gone. I don't think he is enjoying himself one bit.

Last One off to Florida

Our little Damsel was the last puppy to leave the nest...ahh..crate! She rode all the way to Florida and is now called Missy!

Two More Gone

Out little Oreo and Jet set off to their new homes. One to Pennsylvania and one to Ohio. They are now called Scout and Pele. Scout is enjoying eating all by himself and not having to share his food with four siblings. Pele has a new dog brother and a cat! He likes to sleep on the couch! We miss them, but they are doing well.

Our Many Attempts

We had many attempts at a Christmas picture...obviously...we didn't have much success. The kids had fun though.

Play Dough

It was a play dough afternoon!

The Box

What to do with a left-over Christmas Box?? Make a house for stuffed animals. The box is always better than the actual presents.


Memories.....from 1970??1971?? Not sure. We were all much smaller and oh so cute!