Thursday, June 11, 2009

Then there were two

What are these little birds doing??
Having a dust bath.
In their own private bucket.
They have been quarantined to their own side
of the chicken yard during the day, and their
own bucket at night.
Because there were three little
there are two.
Hence the pecking order.
We are trying to save these little ones until
they get a wee bit bigger...may be then they can defend
themselves against big guineas!

End to Softball

End of Softball as well.
This was a great team that really learned
about the game and had fun playing together.
Everyone got a trophy too!


End of the year brought an end to elementary school.
Off to middle school.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Favorite Teacher

There is nothing better than having a great teacher.
When this graduating 5th grader cried in PE while in
Kindergarten, this teacher joked and laughed to make her
feel more comfortable.
It has been a special bond between these two ever since.

End of Girl Scouts

There was a play in Girl Scouts! All about mothers over time.
This particular mother was a cave mother!

Tis the end of school

At the end of the school there are always parties, plays, awards and such.
This little guy had a sing-a-long with all the K1 classes.

New Haircuts

New haircuts are always exciting..and a chance for a picture.
One good picture, One silly picture!